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THANK YOU SO MUCH for your visit and your interest in hypnosis. It’s a widely held belief that we only utilize 10-15% of our brain. Although this exact percentage is not a scientific fact, we do know that the subconscious mind is vastly underutilized. Consider all of the functions that it performs:


** The subconscious governs all involuntary functions of your body, such as breathing, digestion, metabolism, circulation,

hormones, heart rate, blood pressure, pain response, etc.

** It stores all of your memory (including your experience in the womb and past lives).

** Your creativity and imagination reside in the subconscious.

** It is the seat of all your emotions.

** Your subconscious influences and carries out habitual behaviors.

** It generates and releases the energy which drives us towards setting and achieving our goals.

Hypnosis is very effective at tapping into the subconscious to effect positive change in every aspect of your life. The possibilities are endless, and over time, the results can be life changing — even life saving.


*IMPORTANT* Hypnosis should never be used as a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment. But as a complementary healing modality, hypnotherapy is extremely effective, and is widely accepted by health and medical professionals.

Private Sessions


To ensure the best possible results, private sessions are highly customized. The number of sessions required varies greatly, depending on individual goals and responsiveness to the therapy. Likewise, the total cost also varies.


For most clients, the first session runs about 1.5 hours. Additional sessions usually require less time. The industry standard is to charge more for the first session based on an hourly rate, or to sell packages with 3-10 sessions paid for in advance. At Holistic Hypnotics you only pay for the sessions that you need, as you go along, for a flat rate of $80 per session. Any CDs that you take home to work with on your own are included in that cost. And all major credit cards are accepted.


There are also opportunities to earn discounts, such as new client referrals. Mailing list subscribers may receive unadvertised sales and advance notice for group sessions and promotions. Please contact me to discuss your needs, and if we agree that hypnosis is the right path for you, we’ll go from there.



(734) 788-6478


Group sessions, classes and presentations can also be arranged at your location. This can be a good option for support groups, complementary medicine and wellness programs, rehab facilities, etc. Listed below are some of the most common requests, but content and protocols can be customized to meet your specific needs:


* Weight Loss

* Smoking Cessation

* Diabetes

* Cholesterol

* Cancer

* Pain Management

* Surgical Prep & Recovery

* Focus / Concentration

* Exam Preparation / Memory

* Stress Reduction

* Past Life Regression




Heidi Wolfe is a certified hypnotherapist under the high standards of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, and a member of the American Hypnosis Association.


AHA - American Hypnosis Association



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Classes & Group Sessions


Holistic Hypnotics is located in Westland near the intersection of Farmington and Joy roads.  Address will be provided after your enrollment is received.



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To enroll in a class, contact:

heidi@HolisticHypnotics.com  /  (734) 788-6478




 Activate Your Intuition

Meditation can be instrumental in maintaining a high vibration.  But hypnosis can be even more effective at activating your psychic abilities, helping you release your own limiting beliefs, and clearing any blocks that are unknown to you. This one-time session is a great jump start to anyone who might take the psychic development class in July. It's also a great opportunity for anyone who wants to elevate their intuition.  $23 includes a take-home CD.  Special Offer: $18 if you also enroll for psychic development at the same time. 




7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Holistic Hypnotics

Westland, MI






Introduce positive change in your life through the power of your own subconscious mind. Learn the many benefits that hypnosis can offer, and how it can work for you. This class is experiential -- you will undergo a hypnotic induction and learn how to hypnotize yourself and personalize the process to achieve your own, specific goals. Over time, the results can be life changing.




7:00 pm -

8:45 pm

Holistic Hypnotics

Westland, MI




Special Interest



It's never too late to develop the natural gifts you were born with. Elevate your intuition through meditation and hands-on experience using crystals, scrying, dowsing, aromatherapy, and more. Remedies to counteract physical inhibitors will also be shared. This class will raise your vibration and start you off on the path of self discovery. (4 weeks)






7:00 pm -

8:15 pm


Holistic Hypnotics

Westland, MI